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Chai chai chai

It's a chai kind of a day...a poem from me, and a post about mmmcupcakesmmm from Skeddy. Oh and a song, too!

Spanish Chai
In a scarf wrapped fall evening
she walks slowly to the next plaza
letting her nose freeze in anticipation.

Through swinging cafe doors
she stumbles over familiar foreign words
ordering a mug of chai, extra hot.

Steaming, warming, filling,
she closes her eyes and sighs,
tasting home with every sip.


sara said...

Sigh. I've got 10 cupcakes in my fridge right now. Wish we didn't live forty-two thousand miles apart. I know exactly what we'd be doing this morning. **

WoWo said...

I feel like having some coffee..............
I won't finish.. you know the rest of the inside joke ;)

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