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$10 Mil comin my way

Little brother bought a lotto ticket last night for the $130 million lottery and he said he got the winning one. He also told me I get $10 mil of it. I just want to record that here before he actually finds out he won so it doesn't look like I'm a money grubbing liar. We shook on it but the only witness was his girlfriend. He promised her $10 mil too which I think is kind of a crock. I mean come on, I'm family! Here are a few of the things I plan to do when he ponies up my share:

-quit my job and start my own foundation to run
-redo the kitchen (including a dishwasher)
-buy an aston martin
-travel lots and lots
-get massages and have my hair done once a week
-hire a town car to drive me around (not because I'm a snot; because I just don't like driving)
-put a Taco Bell within walking distance of my house
-get a dog. or 10.
-buy a pair of Louboutins and some Chanel
-throw a massive family party on a yacht
-import ridiculously high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets
-hire someone to do my laundry

I'm sure I'm missing some really critical things on this list but I think this is a decent start. If I won the full $130 million myself I'd be doing things like buying Sister a house but that'll be Little Brother's responsibility this time. Oh and I'd also fly y'all in for a big Sidenote: bash. Maybe I should have gotten my own lotto ticket...


WoWo said...

I feel a little slighted........No 10 mil for me?? I'm going to bring this up to little brother and may be I can use the guilt of not including me in the first place to score a little extra..... or I'd be happy if he bought us the SB house.... I think I'd settle for that alone. But I wouldn't mind having a house cleaner, so may be I'll need money for that too

Andhari said...

Louboutin and chanel are great to invest when you have that much money, so is Taco Bell. Yum.

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