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I usually stay away from writing about fashion, even though I love to shop. One blog I follow is called Karla's Closet and Karla sometime does beauty posts. She gives great advice on products as well as tips and tricks about make-up. I said to myself, "Self, lets try to mix things up a bit." So, here is my version of a beauty post. Really it is just ridiculous and doesn't have much to do with beauty but thats ok.

1) Lip products. At 10:00pm at Hennepin and 10th in downtown Minneapolis in the freezing cold I stood on the street corner digging through my purse, trying to find my lipstick. Not just any lipstick, I wanted, no I needed, the Bobby Brown lip matte in Sandstone. Noticing how many other products I found during my hunt I decided to take time the next morning to count how many there are floating around in the secret corners of my handbag.

There are 13 in my purse. Right now. Yes, I do realize they all seem to be almost the exact same color but see--I get in my head that I tend to need the perfect shade of peach/pink/mauve and keep buying things until I find exactly what I pictured.

2) Tights. Wearing dresses and skirts during winter in Minnesota requires creativity as well as lots of pairs of tights. Somehow I ended up with a bum pair that has no elasticity and doesn't keep their shape so after walking 17 gazillion blocks from the parking lot to the office, I looked like this first thing in the morning. It did not bode well for the rest of the day.
No, not looking like the bees knees here. Just elephant knees.

3) Nailpolish. Sometimes I get bored. In class. And I chip my nailpolish off. But for those of you who have experience in this wildly popular middle school pastime, it is nearly impossible to get all the polish off of your writing hand because the other hand just can't quite hack it. Of course, normal people would go home and use polish remover to get the remaining color off of their hands but I am not normal. No, I forgot that logical little step and spent the entire next day laughing at my hands on the keyboard: one polishless and one dark, dark, merlot.

(Sorry for the poor quality. It is really hard to take a picture with your cell phone of both of your hands. Near impossible, actually, so Kels took this for me in a dark theater.)

And that, folks, is my stab at a beauty post. Or maybe more of an anti-beauty post...


El Vato Suave said...

I don't refer to myself as "self". Instead, when I address myself, It's always in the first person plural. So, what are we going to do today?

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